—Avenging Son—

Greetings, surface dwellers! Namor bids you welcome to his underwater paradise. It is known that being in his royal presence can overwhelm most, but make your requests quick! I have a kingdom to rule and the surface world to protect.

— Disassembled - Sad to see it gone.

Marveltumblr was the best and only group I’ve been part of, it was also the first place I ever rped. Here I met many great RPers all of which I could call my friends. Friendships that would stay with me forever, as Tonymun and I always joked about I always wished we’d taken over a remote island inhabited by all the members of MT, and I still wish that.

The members here were some of the finest in the universe, many great threads were written. Like how could I forget…

  • The great and many fights with Logan mun 
  • The undersea adventures with Alani-mun 
  • The passion shared with Sue-mun 
  • The sass with Scott-mun
  • The torture I gave Takeo-mun
  • The kisses I tried to steal from Wasp-mun
  • The flirting with Peggy-mun
  • The insanity with Wade-mun
  • The rivalry with Tony-mun

All these memories will stick with me forever, and I’ll talk and rp with you all in other places with more memories to come. I’ll always been in Wade-mun debt for bringing me to this awesome group.

If you want to catch up or rp with me again here are some links to where to find me:
Indie Archangel
Skype: ryancoyte

You guys have been the best, I would be deeply sad if I didn’t know I’ll continue to rp and chat with you guys.

Goodbye… for now. <3

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— Hunting the Hunters


Seeing the calf better made Alani relax and offer Namor a quick smile. Her small smile faded away as her eyes fell back to the baby. She shouldnt have hesitated she should have gone and done the first time Nmor asked. Alani forced her eyes to go back up to Namors. “Yes Namor. I shouldnt hesitate when I need to have my head in the game to do what is needed.”

Namor knew how insecure Alani was, but comforting her would not help her it would only feed her insecurities and make her feel it was okay to keep them. Instead Namor gave her tough love, it was the only thing he knew how to do. “Stop agreeing with me then making the same mistakes over and over again. You are meant to be my ambassador, act like one, I have trained you, given you a home and everything you could dream of, but still you sulk and falter. You are stronger than you believe, you are an Atlantean, start acting like one.” 

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— Defenders Against Rebellion


“Hmm… Anything I request, huh?” Red said, thinking about it as the Lemurians snapped out of their shock and began to charge her. “Deal. But I’ve already got one up on you. And I’m about to be several up on you.” With that said, she turned to face the Lemurians attacking her, and started swinging.

Namor liked this game they were playing, a game he wouldn’t mind losing even but it was one he was sure he could win. “One up on me? Ha! I am the ruler of these seas, I was just giving you a head start.” Namor finished talk or more correctly flirting and charged at the enemy hitting two of them plowing them into the ocean floor. “That’s two down, your move, dear.”

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— Dinner for Two



*sue moaned softly into the kiss as she closed her eyes* 

[The kiss feels amazing, with passion he had never quite felt before. He tilted his head to make the kiss deeper.]


Did he just— oh, he just said that. Feminine my ass.

“I’m not your court JESTER, Princess Peach. You’ve got two legs that aren’t broken, go walk to the cinema or something,”

Namor let out another laugh, he very much enjoyed the company of Northstar even if it was just entertainment for Namor.

"I care not for make believe, Namor has been on adventures far greater than what Hollywood depict."

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— Defenders Against Rebellion


“Green, huh?” Red asked as she landed beside Namor and looked around. “Me and green things have some history…” she said, before she lunged forward and punched closest Lemurian in the face, effectively knocking him out. She grinned at Namor while the other Lemurians were looking at her in shock. “What do you say we make a game of it? Bet I can take down more of ‘em than you can.”

A smile glowed on Namor’s face as he laughed, over joyed by her bet. “And what do I get when I win?” He suggested with a cheeky grin on his face ignoring the Lemurian rebels circling him. “I tell you what if I take down more you must give me a kiss, not just a simple peck I expect a meaningful one. However if you win I shall accept any request you desire. Deal?”

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— Hunting the Hunters


Alani kept her eyes down from Namor. It was easier at the moment instead of a fight going on between them in front of evryone. She moved back a little when the medicine Man poured potions over the calf. Alani knew if the ceature didnt meake it Namor would feel likehe had failed as King. Se knows he wouldnt have. It was her fault of not listening to him right off the bat. She breathed a little eaiser when the calf opened its eyes.

It was an amazing sight to see the calf was feeling better, it relieved him for now for the first time since seeing the hunters that Namor felt something other than anger. He petted the whale admiring his strength and perseverance, then looked towards Alani. “Why must you always hesitate in times that need you the most. The fact this animal lives prove that even if you fail life still goes on. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, as your King I demand this!”

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